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Researches give us confidence that we made the right choice. During the period from 2001 till 2008 we conducted research on continuous durability of pipes made of different kinds of cross stitched PE when operated with heat transfer agent at 95 °С. Such researches are unrivalled in the world, and the achieved results are helping to assess quality and applicability of new materials.


BYR PEX Corporation trade network is represented in 30 cities of Russia and neighboring countries. All branches will offer you qualified help in products selection, provide advertisement and technical catalogues, and assure fast delivery.


Knowledge received during researches combined with accumulated own expertise and analysis of world achievements and tendencies help to pose demands correctly, choose the material and aim efforts of engineers at solving necessary problems. That is how we get ingenious solutions, which are called innovative.


The corporation fulfills works in engineering heating systems, water systems, and other engineering systems for buildings. Besides, we cooperate with and provide our assistance to engineering companies in many cities in Russia and abroad. We have already designed engineering systems for more than 1 mln sq. meters for building of various purpose.


BYR PEX Company produces molecular cross-stitched PE (PEX-b) pipes, fittings and additional equipment for heating and water supply systems. A Range of BYR PEX pipe includes 14 typical sizes, 7 diameters and 3 strength classes.


The corporation provides a full range of works in constructing inner engineering systems and equipment adjustment on the territory of Russia. We have already completed the systems in more than 2 mln of sq. meters in residential and administrative buildings.