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Researches give us confidence that we made the right choice. 

During the period from 2001 till 2008 we conducted research on continuous durability of pipes made of different kinds of cross stitched PE when operated with heat transfer agent at 95°С. Such researches are unrivalled in the world, and the achieved results are helping to assess quality and applicability of new materials. 

Main direction of activity of BYR PEX Corporation is production of components for modern inner systems of hot/cold water supply, heating, including “heat insulating flour” and refrigeration supply. That is why polymer materials, which are the most suitable for such systems and Russian conditions, were of major interest.

We also researched products of our own manufacture, and also those produced by other companies both on own basis, on industrial laboratory and on the basis of the famous Russian Institutes. At the moment our last investigation “Comparative analysis of structure and features of PE stitched by different methods”, conducted together with Russian Chemical Engineering University n.a. D.I. Mendeleev, is of major interest. 

Engineering department of the Corporation conducts tests on equipment for engineering systems that is now appearing on the market, with a view to see the quality and mutual compatibility. For our clients result of such work is expressed in consultations of highly qualified specialists on equipment application, their recommendations on engineering, published in chapter "Engineering".

Results of researches conducted by marketing department our clients and partners can see in our catalogues and information materials. In the soonest time we will operate full version of dynamically updated electronic catalogue with the possibility of online-order for registered clients. 

Comparative analysis of physical and chemical parameters showed sufficient advantages silanol-stitched compositions of high density versus compositions with other types of stitch. The reason is smaller intermolecular distance, bigger binding energy, bigger amount of batches and more regular composition. This results in decrease of oxygen transmission rate value of pipe walls without additional layer. All this allows using pipes made of molecular-stitched PE with heat transfer agent temperature 95°С and pressure 10 atm without accumulation of tension, thus increasing durability of pipes, and even the best stress removal allows enduring accidental release up to 120°С, and also pressure surges.