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BYR PEX Company produces molecular cross-stitched PE (PEX-b) pipes, fittings and additional equipment for heating and water supply systems.

In January 1999 in Saratov BYR PEX Company, first in CIS, mastered technology of processing of raw materials Isoplast by Micropol company on the basis of equipment manufactured by Boston Matthews (GB), which allows producing up to 24 km of pipes per day. Launch of line and personnel training was performed under guidance of experienced English engineers. 

A Range of BYR PEX pipe includes 14 typical sizes, 7 diameters and 3 strength classes.

Despite 2008 crisis, BYR PEX Company purchased and brought into operation the second production line in order to prevent deficit: as demand for product of the company is constantly growing.

Since 2000 BYR PEX is an official partner of SCE (Hong Kong), together they produce fittings of compression and mold types, TM EAGLE-BYRPEX. Formed pieces are produced from used for food brass stable for zinc extraction, by warm forming, which makes them extremely firm and durable.

BYR PEX Company additionally mastered production of fixing elements and collector cases; together with Klauke company (Germany) we developed and brought into operation convenient and compact electrohydraulic instrument, which automates pipe widening and shell mold processes.

In 2012 using our own capacities we plan to start serial production of fittings made of molecular cross-stitched PE. 

BYR PEX product quality is certified by Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, and EU and also by expert report of Russian Academy of Science and researches of strength properties of University of Chemical technology of Russia n.a. Mendeleev.

All products is tested in accordance with regulation tests pursuant to requirements of our own technical specifications, that even more strict that requirements of existing GOST-P and ISO regulating main parameters of temperature and pressure resistance necessary for long-term service.

In January 2012 BYR PEX Corporation opened a new production site on the basis of their own office and warehouse complex “Poyarkovo”, where it allocated a whole range of technological chains and additional equipment.

For our pipes production we use only best raw materials, which best suits requirements of using them in Russian climatic conditions. That is why BYR PEX products demonstrate outstanding resistance to pressure, temperature exposure, which multiples durability of system during operation with working parameters.

Systems using BYR PEX pipes are assembled and operated in tallest and most famous buildings, in municipal construction, in stadium warming systems and ice rink cooling all over Russia.