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BYR PEX Company is one of the largest Russian companies, that specialize in creation of engineering systems of modern buildings, it solely performs the whole range of works on assembly, start-up and commissioning, maintenance services of inner engineering systems, namely:

  • Ventilation
  • Refrigeration supply
  • Heating, water supply, drain
  • Recycling water supply
  • Complex security systems
  • Power supply systems, automation and supervisory control over engineering systems
  • Systems of heat and steam supply
  • Other inner engineering systems

With the help of highly qualified specialists we offer the whole range of consultations, optimal equipment selection, schemes of its allocation, assembly, commissioning and start-up. Specialists of the Company carry out all the necessary coordination in order to put facility into commission.

Concept of BYR PEX Company is based on individual approach and providing maximum support in creation of modern engineering system of a building with the use of the most reliable equipment and modern technologies.

Accumulated experience in maintenance and service of engineering systems enables service specialists to implement maintenance service with high quality and as soon as possible. They also can carry our technical examination of the equipment with the following recommendations on maintenance service. We also can provide consultations in order to establish good operation of equipment.

Construction division team is able to solve the most complicated tasks in engineering systems of buildings. Construction division team consists of more than 150 engineers and technicians, divided into several units:

  • Production and technical department;
  • Chief Engineer’s Office;
  • Estimate and Contract Department;
  • Project Management Service.

BYR PEX Company’s specialists underwent training on selection techniques, assembly, implementation of start-up and commissioning both in Russia and abroad on manufacturing companies, have diplomas and qualification certificates allowing them to design and assemble complex equipment produced both in Russia and abroad.

In the course of assembly work we use professional specialized equipment, which ensures high quality of implemented works. We use only high quality materials and assembly tools.