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BYR PEX Corporation was founded in 1999 in order to introduce modern systems of polymer pipelines in all over Russia and CIS. The corporation combines companies that work in various spheres of production, which are united by common goal to arrange modern inner engineering systems.

All companies and branches are linked by a system of their own IP-telephony, mail and information and operation systems Group-office BYR PEX, system of managerial control on the basis of 1C and other modern means of communication and work optimization. 

Our employees are highly qualifies managers and engineers and technicians.

Foundation of the company is made of four companies: 


OOO "Firma BYR PEX" (BYR PEX Firm, Ltd.)

Researches — study of structural characteristics of materials used for pipes and fitting production in order to choose the most suitable ones to use in Russian climatic conditions;

Innovations — knowledge, gained in the process of research combined with accumulated own expertise and analysis of world achievements and tendencies help to pose demands correctly, choose the material and aim efforts of engineers at solving necessary problems. That is how we get ingenious solutions, which are called innovative. 

Production — first and till 2003 sole one on the territory of CIS production of pipes and fittings from molecular cross-linked PE was launched on English equipment and English raw materials. Today productive capacities reach 15 000 000 meters of pipes and 2 000 000 fitting units and fixing elements annually.


OOO "Kompania BYR PEX" (BYR PEX Company, Ltd.)

It is a united trading engineering and assembling enterprise in BYR PEX Corporation, that is introducing modern engineering systems.

"BYR PEX Company" LTD has 26 its own branches in Russia and neighboring countries.

The Company hired above 400 permanent employees, including engineers and technicians.

Total area of premises in operation makes: 970 square meters of offices, 2650 square meters of warehouses. 

The company owns mechanic transport park, which includes buses, freight transport, warehouse and construction equipment, specialized tools and equipment. 

The company consists of departments, dealing with various fields of activity:

Commercial department represents many trademarks on the market. Among them: BYR PEX®, Danfoss®, Kampmann®, Purmo®, SYR®, DÜKER®, Wavin®, Energoflex®, HL® etc. Thanks to partnership relations with various manufacturers, we offer our clients complete package of all engineering systems at the price of producer factories.

By doing so the Company maintains substantial stock reserve of equipment and materials.

Engineering department performs works on engineering of modern utility systems of buildings, including but not confined to systems of automatic firefighting, heating, refrigeration supply, snow melting, drain and water supply with the use of pipes of BYR PEX Corporation production, as well as power effective systems like “heat insulating flour” and “cooler panel”, systems of football fields and industrial sites heating. Besides, the department engineers systems of power supply, lower voltage alert and other inner engineering communications, and also informs  interested parties and organizations about peculiarities of such systems. 

Construction department specializes, but is not limited to creation of inner engineering sustenance systems of modern buildings and solely performs full complex of works on their assembly, start-up and commissioning and maintenance service.


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All spheres of modern development of multifaceted enterprise.


OOO "Sovremennie Inzhenernie Sistemi" ("Modern engineering systems, Ltd.)

Foreign trade enterprises within the framework of BYR PEX Corporation dealing with export and import of equipment and materials, with the 12-years’ experience of direct cooperation with dozens of suppliers from different countries. It also has developed systems of logistics and customs clearance of cargo.


OOO "BYR PEX Kompleks" (BYR PEX Complex, Ltd.)

Management company and owner of industrial, warehouse and office premises.

Main office:

  • About 700 square meters on Leningrad Chaussee next to Voykovskaya subway

Industrial warehouse:

  • 1,5 hectares of landscaped area in Poyarkovo village, Solnechnogorskiy region, Moscow area, 17km from Moscow MKAD Ring Road down Leningrad Chaussee;

  • Above 5000 square meters of industrial warehouses;

  • Above 500 square meters of office premises;